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Ishikawa Prefecture stretches long and thin from south to north, and is located roughly in the center of the Japanese archipelago, jutting out into the Sea of Japan. With both coastal and mountain environments, as well as the agricultural plains of Kanazawa, the Hakusan Mountain Range peaking at an elevation of 2702 meters, and the Noto Peninsula, which juts out into the Sea of Japan, you can find a diversity of landscapes in each area of the prefecture. Ishikawa is separated into three general regions: Noto, Kanazawa, and Kaga/Mt. Hakusan. In 2011, the Noto region, which has preserved many of Japan’s old natural landscapes, was designated a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System, the first for a developed country. Kanazawa is home to the Saigawa River and the Asano River, from where you can see many of this old castle town’s preserved cultural cityscapes against a backdrop of flowing water. Kaga and Mt. Hakusan, one of Japan’s Three Most Famous Mountains, provide a variety of mineral-rich hot springs, sourced from Mt. Hakusan. Throughout the prefecture, you can find beautiful cherry blossoms in spring, lush greenery in summer, vibrant colorful foliage in autumn, and a pure white blanket of snow in winter. Come here to experience the different faces of Japan in each season of the year!


Noto, which has been designated a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System, boasts many picturesque traditional agricultural villages as well as a dynamic natural environment featuring impressive cliffs and rocky shores.


Kaga is home to four famous hot spring resorts which date back to as early as 1300 years ago. Mt. Hakusan boasts a lush natural environment that is accented by beautiful gorges.


Senmaida Rice Fields

Senmaida is an amusing site with many layers of thousands of small rice paddies on the steep slopes facing the sea. The number of these paddies goes up to 2000 and these paddies create a unique and beautiful geometrical landscape.

Chirihama Beach Driveway

This famous beach driveway is 8 km long and has a road-width of 50 m which runs from Hakui-gun to Imahama beach of Hodatsu-Shimizu-cho. It's made of tightly compacted fine sand making it firm enough for a pleasant drive along the beach.

Kakusenkei Gorge

Having Korogi-hashi Bridge and Kurotani-hashi Bridge on the 2 ends, this 1.3km long gorge brings out the seasonal beauty with its natural scenery.

Hakusan National ParkHakusan National Park Center:

This mountain park has Mt. Hakusan as its main peak 2,702m, where Mt. Hakusan is known for being one of the 3 most famous mountains in Japan along with Mt. Fuji and Mt. Tateyama.