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Activities/Theme Park

  Ishikawa Prefecture, which has a strong tradition of hand-made arts and crafts, offers a variety of facilities throughout the prefecture for visitors to try arts and crafts like Kanazawa gold leaf, Kaga Yuzen silk dyeing, Kaga mizuhiki string craft, Kaga kebari fishing hooks, Kutaniyaki ceramics, and Wajima lacquerware. In addition to that, visitors can experience what life was like in Japan before the modern era by visiting Suzu to try their hand at Agehama-style salt farming, a method of farming salt out of sea water which is now practiced only here, or by visiting the foothills of Mt. Hakusan to make their own soba (buckwheat) noodles. Visitors can also visit “Yunokuni-no-Mori”, which offers workshops and activities for more than 50 types of traditional arts and crafts, all in one village.

Besides that, there are a variety of theme park attractions visitors can enjoy with their families, such as Ishikawa Zoo and the Nippon Genki Gekijo in Kaga and the Notojima Aquarium in the Noto.


  The Noto features numerous interactive activities, such as Wajima lacquerware workshops in Wajima where you can design your own chopsticks, the chance to try the 500-year-old Agehama method of salt farming in Suzu, and the Notojima Aquarium on Notojima Island.


  Kanazawa has a variety of activities that you can try, including gold leaf decoration and Kaga Yuzen silk dyeing.


  Ishikawa Zoo, which features 187 species of animals is a popular destination for families. With their ninja and samurai shows, the Nippon Genki Gekijo is also a must-see mini theme park.


Shishiku Highland

With a height of 350m, visitors can go to the top of this highland by gondola lifts. You can get a fantastic view of the wide Kanazawa plains and the alluvial fans of Tedorigawa River, as well as the Sea of Japan and the Alpine mountain ranges.

Okunoto Salt Farm Village

This Salt Farm Village in Suzu is the only facility in Japan to use the traditional "Agehama" Technique for salt production.

Sakuda Gold & Silver Leaf Shop

Apart from taking a tour of the facility and learning about gold leaf work, you can also enjoy a hands-on experience of applying gold leaf on the objects.

Wajima Kobo Nagaya

This facility contains various workshops where visitors can observe and experience the different procedures in making lacquer wares, such as wood-carving, lacquer painting and gold-leaf decorating.

Traditional Handicrafts Village "Yunokuni-no-mori"

This village allows visitors to see, feel and make all kinds of traditional handicrafts that are famous in Ishikawa Prefecture.

Hakuichi Main Branch "Hakukokan"

You can learn about the history, culture and manufacturing processes by taking a free tour of this facility.